Mother, sweet Mother, Thea was not always mother to all.

There once was a goddess with eyes of starlight and hair of seafoam born with a sword and spear in hand. From the Aether she was born,
and for the Aether she fought. Worlds spanned across the cosmos, dwelling amongst the varied planes and chaos reigned. Before
the godborn had crawled their way into reality, the Elementalis and Primordials fought amongst themselves, squabbling and squalling.

Mortal life tried to take root on barren soils, but the fighting weeded them out repeatedly.

Born anew from the prayers of mortals, Thea took up arms alongside other Godlings, a desperate defense for those that could die a final death. They,
the champions, razed the firstborn armies to the ground.

The gods chained the Elementalis to that which they came from.

The Primordials, they couldn’t kill, but gave over the deathless to be guarded by the dead.