This is a story all Theians know. There was once a warrior-goddess with sea-foam green hair and eyes of starlight, who had grown old and grey. She had many children, birthed of her blood and her love. And she desired a world.

Bright-eyed Jotes and Just Eneeres brought their fair mother a gift. A Seed that they had not stolen.

And Thea gathered all her children beside her on that unmade planet. She held aloft the Seed and breathed. Light scattered,

And the land became fertile and red,
And the sky became filled with air.
And the seas roiled and lapped at their new shores.
Life sprouted into being.

“See, my loves, dearest of my hearts.” Thea gestured to the verdant planet. “A home for you all.”

And truth came to light.

Thea had not just desired a world, but she had desired a world for her children to live in full.
A home and a hearth for all her brood.