A Gift for Mother

Bright eyed Jotes
Youngest amongst the Four
Knew of his Mother’s dearest wish
And thus, began to plan to astonish.

He called his siblings,
Just Eneeres,
Sweet Aloson,
And Dear Messana
To meet.

Other gods
Made worlds

A seed was all they need
And Jotes would sneak
And his siblings would keep
An eye out,
A distraction at hand,
Always ready to beat feet.

Aloson disagreed,
Their temper aroused
A thief they would not stand.
Messana denied,
She would not try
Her humor abated.

Eneeres, Just Eneeres,
Goddess of Justice and Honor,
Went willing
Her footsteps a step behind
Bright-eyed Jotes

A seed they would find
One way or another.